Allen & Heath PA12 Live Sound Mixer

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Product Description

The PA12 from Allen & Heath has been designed to include everything you need to run a standard stereo PA system.

The PA12 from Allen & Heath has been designed to include everything you need to run a standard stereo PA system. With ALLEN&HEATHs latest design and super sound quality, these mixers makes an ideal live tool for club performers,schools systems, conference rooms and travelling musicians.

If you appreciate quality youll also be interested to know that the build standards that the PA series conforms to are the similar to their high-end ML series consoles, including the same individual vertical circuit boards, nutted pots and solid copper buss interconnections! As for audio performance, PA12 mixers have the wonderfully full, open, natural quality that you would expect from a professional ALLEN&HEATH desk.

  • 12 Input Stereo Live Mixer
  • 4 Band EQ - Shelving LF [60Hz],and HF [12kHz]. Fixed LM [250Hz],and swept HM [300Hz - 6kHz]. The fixed 250Hz control has been carefully selected to provide reduction of muddy sounds and enhance warmth

  • 12 mono channels - with Mic [XLR] & Line [TRS] inputs. Line input overrides the XLR input. Individual +48V phantom power switches are provided. New padless two-stage preamp with smooth gain law. Line input goes to second stage for better matching and performance. Switched 100Hz high pass filter. Insert point. 4 band EQ. 4 aux mixes. Mute with LED. PFL button with LED [functions as peak indicator]. 100mm fader.

  • Four stereo channels - with two unbalanced stereo inputs on each.
    From all channels: 2 pre-fade for foldback mixes - these have 100mm fader masters, mute switch with LED, AFL with LED,and TRS outputs [can be routed internally to output section]. 1 post-fade aux mix for FX - this feeds the internal FX and has a TRS jack output for external FX. 1 post-fade aux mix to TRS jack output is provided for external FX or special feeds.

  • Main stereo mix - output has 100mm fader control & mute with LED. TRS jack outputs. Mono sum output with level control with switch for subwoofer mode to TRS jack. Record output [RCA] analogue + SPDIF switchable pre/post fader. Twin 12 segment LED bar meter shows program [or PFL /AFL]. Insert points on TRS jack for external processing. Output EQ and routing to internal amplifiers / external systems is provided.

  • Output EQ - 4 band semi-parametric EQ is provided in the output section, this affects the TRS slave outputs,and the internal constant power amplifiers. This offers more control than graphic equalisers for precise management of speakers,especially foldback / monitors. Source selector allows output EQ section to be used on Left / right, L&R sum / foldback1, or foldback1 / foldback2.

  • Digital Effects - 16 program digital FX processor provides reverbs, delays, chorus and others, inc combined. This FX module takes its feed from the post-fade FX aux on the mono & stereo channels. The output of the FX module is controlled by a 100mm fader with mute & PFL and is routed to the stereo mix and FB1&2 with post fade level controls. At this point,2 TRS inputs with level control provide a way of combining external FX with the internal unit. Internal FX unit can be switched off to use external only if preferred. A footswitch TRS jack is provided to mute the FX channel.

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