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Product Description

The T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine from Bose provides powerful multi-channel sound tools for the Bose L1 systems, with controls so advanced they adapt to you and your instrument.

The T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine from Bose provides powerful multi-channel sound tools for the Bose L1 systems, with controls so advanced they adapt to you and your instrument. Within the four channel engine is a wealth of features such as Tonematch Presets, intelligent zEQ and a vast array of professional quality processors and effects.

It was designed as an addition to the Bose L1 system, to optimise the sound of the system and any musician using it. Its powerful tone shaping tools swiftly recreate the natural sound of your instrument through the multiple speaker array, this highly versatile digital mixer allows you to sound your best during any live performance. It also expands upon the input capacity of your L1 System.

A massive library of customized presets is included with the ToneMatch Audio Engine,and each can be recalled at the touch of a button. These ToneMatch presets instantly optimize instruments and microphones for any L1 system. Each preset can be independently assigned to the engines four channels. For example,select Audix`® OM5 mic presets for channels 1 and 2,Taylor`® guitar for channel 3 and Lakland`® bass for channel 4,all at the same time.

Boses engineers often work with manufacturers directly to expand the ToneMatch preset library. Updates are available to you free, with easy downloading via the engines USB port.

Fine-tune your sound system with greater accuracy. Boses intelligent zEQ redefines low, mid and high ranges for each of the ToneMatch presets. If you need to cut or boost specific frequency ranges for different instruments and mics, zEQ gives you the power to do so.

The ToneMatch allows you to assign one of five different reverbs to each mic/line channel. There are also three delay types to choose from,as well as ten additional effects,and seven dynamics processors making this device incredibly versatile,allowing you to craft your own sound. All settings can be saved and recalled at the push of a button allowing for easy mid-set changes and tweaks.

The included digital cable links the engine to the Bose L1 Model II system. A sleek bracket is also included to attach the engine to the loudspeaker. For easy connection to a Model I or Compact system,use an analog cable and a T1 power supply.

Features include`…

  • Integrated ToneMatch audio engine and a large library of ToneMatch instrument and microphone presets, proprietary zEQ and a complete suite of studio-class effects and sound processors.
  • Free ongoing updates via USB connection between your computer and ToneMatch audio engine.

  • Single-band ParaEQ centers on frequency you specify for each independent channel. Valuable tool for reshaping problematic frequencies in certain venues.
  • Five reverb types (small, medium,large, plate and cavern) available for global assignment, with individual channel controls for decay time, mix level and brightness.
  • T hree delay types (analog, digital and tape) can be independently assigned to selected channels, with control over feedback time and mix level for each channel. For example, you can select tape delay for your vocal on channel 1 and analog delay for your guitar on channel 2.
  • Ten modulation effects (three chorus types, two flange types, four phaser types and one vintage tremolo effect) can be independently assigned to selected channels, with control over designated parameters for each channel.
  • Seven dynamics processing types (three compressors,limiter, de-esser, kick gate and noise gate) can be assigned to independent channels.
  • Scenes allow you to store,recall and edit snapshots of all key ToneMatch audio engine settings at any given time. This feature helps simplify setup when youre using an L1 system repeatedly in different venues. The engine includes five predefined Bose scenes, five My scenes and five Shared scenes you can give to other L1 owners.
  • Chromatic tuner for convenient tuning of instruments.
  • Large backlit display with intuitive layout and easy-to-read text for modes and settings.
  • Rotary encoder for quick access to modes,effects and parameters, including ToneMatch presets, zEQ, ParaEQ,reverbs, delays, modulators, dynamics processing,scenes and tuner. Features clean, circular layout.
  • Aux mode (channels 1 - 3) send channels dry, pre-fader or post-fader audio to aux output for connection to additional L1 systems or recording devices. Independent level controls for optimal signal output.
  • Channel volume, mute and FX mute (1 - 4/5) for adjusting individual channel volume, muting individual channels and muting all effects on selected channels.
  • Master volume adjusts overall level of master output.
  • Phantom power applies +48V power to input channels 1 - 3 to drive specific microphones.
  • ToneMatch cable transfers audio signals and provides power to ToneMatch audio engine from L1 Model II power stand. Use the optional T1 power supply for connections to L1 Model I and Compact systems.
  • Mounting bar and carriage for securely attaching ToneMatch audio engine to L1 Model I or Model II loudspeaker.
  • Cover and carrying case help protect engine when storing and transporting.
  • Connections include 3 Mic/Line XLR/TRS Combo Sockets,2 TRS Line inputs,3 TRS Preamp outputs,assignable Aux output, Master analogue TRS output (switchable between pre or master volume),ToneMatch Port and a USB Port for updates.
  • Dimensions = 2.67H x 6.5W x 8.25D ( 6.76 cm x 16.6 cm x 20.9 cm )
  • Weight = 2.1 lbs (1 kg)

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