KORG M361 Xpanded + Carry Case

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Product Description

The M3 heralds the third generation of Korg Workstations.

The M3 heralds the third generation of Korg Workstations. With a number of innovations distilled from the flagship OASYS including the new EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator derived from the HD-1 engine design, the advanced second-generation KARMA functionality,and the multi-purpose control surface, the M3 has learned a lot from its upper-end sibling.

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The M3 is remarkable not only for the freshness of its sounds, but also for its remarkable new control environment. The color LCD of the M3 music workstation/sampler not only provides a touch-view GUI that ensures intuitive and easy operation, but it also operates as an X-Y Pad,allowing sound and effect parameters to be controlled in real-time by sliding your finger across or tapping on the screen. Further control is provided by a Motion function that lets you capture and play back your finger moves to shape your sound and performance in unique ways. Adding innovations such as the new concept of virtualized hardware that allows an even closer integration with DAW systems,and the new Korg Komponent System concept that facilitates more flexible system construction, the M3 music workstation/sampler opens a new and exciting page in music making,and is the workstation that rightfully deserves to wear the M that started it all.

  • A gigantic 256 Mbytes (16-bit linear data equivalent) of 48 kHz sampled PCM memory contains a total of 1,028 multisamples and 1,606 drum samples, including many stereo and velocity-switched elements.

  • Virtualized Hardware via a new Firewire functionality allows the M3 to be closely integrated into your DAW system.

  • A rich array of optional expansion possibilities includes the EXB-RADIAS (a RADIAS-derived analog modeling synthesizer board), the EXB-M256 (PCM sample memory expansion), the EXB-FW board that allows virtualized hardware expansion via a single FireWire cable,and EX-USB-PCM series libraries to be released in the future.

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